Monday, June 25, 2012

Gloss vs. Flat

For Gwen's new room, I wanted to do a stars theme. With her birthday party theme being stars, I intended to buy decor that would transition well from party to bedroom.

I have always wanted to do a mural but always seem to talk myself out of it. So I thought this time, I'd start small. Subtle. I'd paint her room with flat paint and do a star design with the same color, only in a gloss finish. I didn't want the mural to take over her room. I wanted it to be faint, almost like a surprise when you realized it was there.

I think I accomplished my goal! Gwen didn't notice right away. Only when I was changing her diaper on the floor did she look up and gasp, "STAR!"  My heart is full ♥
Will post more pics once the entire room is done, but I wanted to post about the wall.

I didn't want floating stars. I didn't want a ton of them. So I decided to paint star garland, or necklaces. Three lines with stars attached.

To get the perfect arches, I first pinned yarn to the wall then traced it with pencil. The stars were traced around metal wall art.

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